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> I had the same thing happen but followed the leads inside Microsoft's site
> on updates, confirming that I already was at 11.5.2 by getting info on the
> specified Office file.

Go to versiontracker.com and search for a script called "FindOfficeVersion".
Download and add it to your Entourage scripts folder, then just select it
to view all Office versions (and OSX) in one list -- it shows mine as

Last update applied:  11.5.2
Microsoft Entourage: 11.4.0
Microsoft Excel: 11.5.2
Microsoft Word: 11.5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint: 11.5.1
Microsoft Messenger.app: 5.1.1
Microsoft Component Plugin: 11.5.2
Junk E-Mail Protection: 11.3.4
Mac OS X 10.5.5 (9F33)

George A

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