Dale Dummitt <dumm...@maysvilleky.net> wrote on 12/12/08 9:52 AM:

> Why does Entourage 2004 paste a 'space' character in front of the actual
> text being pasted?  Is there someway to prevent this from happening?  It has
> always done it AFAIK.  For example, if I'm giving a path to a file and I
> don't want to type the entire thing, but instead want to copy and paste it,
> this is the outcome.
> Macintosh HD/ Library/ Preferences/ Preferences/ loginwindow.plist

Entourage 2004 does not do that for me.  It may depend on the source of your
copy.  Where did you copy the text string.

However, there is an old bug in Entourage pasting.

Entourage puts a space if you paste after a manually typed quote mark "
...like this:

" Why does Entourage 2004 paste a 'space' character

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