On 12/13/08 1:09 AM, George Clark, gacl...@sprynet.com wrote:

> On 12/12/08 9:52 AM, Dale Dummitt wrote:
>> Why does Entourage 2004 paste a 'space' character in front of the actual
>> text being pasted?  Is there someway to prevent this from happening?  It has
>> always done it AFAIK.  For example, if I'm giving a path to a file and I
>> don't want to type the entire thing, but instead want to copy and paste it,
>> this is the outcome.
> In Preferences (General), try unchecking "Use smart cut and paste." I
> believe that is what causes the <space> to be inserted.

You are so right. Thank you, George.  In the following line 'it works' has
been pasted after following your suggestion.

"it works/it works*it works"it works\it works|it works

I wish that I had inquired about this years ago.  :-)

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