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> No matter how many times we completely rebuild the database, we still get
> 'Your database is damaged' notifications, even immediately after a full
> rebuild.  The database is just under 1Gb, so not large, although we deleted
> a whole load of attachments from Sent and Received to bring it down from 2Gb
> when the problem first started.  There is over 40Gb of space on the HD

HI John!

The first thing you might try is updating Office from 11.4.0 to 11.5.3. I
believe within that range of updates that the structure of the Database gets
updated and this may help resolve the problem. Be sure to create a backup
copy of your Microsoft User Data folder first.

Apart from that, if repeated rebuilds do not repair the Database then it may
very well be irreparable. Your option then would be to export as much of
your data as possible, start a new Identity (creating a new Database) and
importing your data.

Hope this helps!



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