John Blagden • wrote:

> Diane, thank you very much for the offer of your RAM, but I think you must
> mean 4Gb on the PowerMac, not PowerBook.

Correct. Sorry about that.
> I've got a couple of the G4 towers and I'm just waiting for the front
> switches to go twang as they seem to be doing at a lot of my clients.

The switches are really expensive here too. It's hard to justify anything
over $50 for the old G4s. The parts are not only expensive but are getting
harder to find.

Not only did I loose my old G4 but I lost all 4 internal hard drives. I was
trying to use a product called a USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adaptor  from
PowerMax. The product I received was not in a sealed box (it was sold to me
as new). I tried on each drive thinking it would work, but they ended up
damaging the drives so no data could be recovered. PowerMax refused to
acknowledge that they had sold me a defective product in an open box. Mac
Sales would not make their vendor honor any obligation.

PowerMax Computers | Experts in Used Macs, New Macs, Refurbished Macs and
Mac Accessories <>

OWC <>

NewerTech USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

IMHO, both PowerMax and OWC used deceptive practices and can get away with
it because I'm just a customer and what can I do?

If you decide in the future not to buy from PowerMax, be sure to send Kevin
Anderson <> and Jen Soule <> an
email telling them why.


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