The first thing to do would be to update Entourage; download the 10.1.9
update here:


One more suggestion: tell your user to hold down the Cmd-key (Apple key,
right next to the space bar) and then click the link. This should force
Entourage to recognise the clicked text as hyperlink and open it in the
default browser.
Michel Bintener
Microsoft MVP
Office:mac (Entourage & Word)

On 22/12/08 20:03, "R. Casey" <> wrote:

> we have a user of Entourage X (10.0.0) who is not able to open links
> to web pages that are in e-mails.  The links are the full address
> beginning with http (not just www.   When he clicks on
> the link all he gets is a error type noise (no error message).  He
> forwarded the e-mail to me and the links worked fine in Apple Mail
> 2.1.3.  Any thoughts?

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