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> So, I'm hoping someone can help me a bit with IMAP concepts. First, does
> mail I send from one computer show up in the sent mail folder of all
> computers I use for IMAP access to my ISP using Entourage?

If configured to store it in the IMAP sent items folder, yes.
> Second, what happens with mail I save as draft and don't send? I assume it's
> stored only on the computer where it was composed.

If configured to store it in the IMAP drafts folder, yes. I don't and they
get stored in the Drafts folder "On My Computer".

In short, it's up to you in both cases.
> Third, how about reading mail on my iPhone? If I use an IMAP server will I
> have the same folder structure on the iPhone (3G)? If I delete mail on the
> iPhone, will it disappear from my laptop and desktop computers as well?

Yes and yes. Again, configuration is important so best to set it up and
experiment with some test messages.

What I see happen with my iPhone (and again, it could be a configuration
option - I don't really remember), the iPhone marks the messages for
deletion and hides them from you. If you go into the iPhone's Deleted
Messages (or whatever it calls it), they are there. When I then go back into
Entourage, the messages are in the original folder marked for deletion. They
then get really deleted when I leave that folder (as that is how I have
Entourage set up as when to purge messages). There's probably a way to purge
from the iPhone but I don't do that.

Larry Stone

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