Ent¹08 on 10.5

I just found what I consider to be either a rather egregious bug or a very
poor choice in implementation.  It involves search within a folder in the
mail panel.  Say I have mail from Sly Fox in my inbox.  His email address is
sly....@inthewoods.com.  If I filter the mailbox so that ŒFrom contains
inthewoods¹ I, and I believe most reasonable people, would expect the filter
to find and display my dear friend Sly Fox, because his email address does
contain Œinthewoods.¹  Most surprisingly, it does not.  You cannot
search/filter on actual parts of the email address!  This breaks a large
number of very useful searches that would work in every other email program
I have ever used.  Like show me all the mail from people at foo.com in this

I suppose a third possibility is user error, and it isn¹t reasonable to
expect to be able to search for part of an email address using the syntax
Œfrom contains xxxx.¹  Am I off base here?  Am I missing something
incredibly obvious?

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