Just a couple of quick follow ups to the suggestions by Roger and Dale.

On 2/25/09 5:21 PM, "Roger S. Cohen" <ro...@rogercohen.com> wrote:
> However, Spotlight (OS 10.4.11) can find:
> bob.virzi
> .v

Roger, I couldn't find a way to limit this to a single folder.  Any trick
for that?

On 2/26/09 8:50 AM, "Dale Dummitt" <dumm...@maysvilleky.net> wrote:
> As others have pointed out, this is the way Entourage is designed to work.
> However, Edit>Advanced Search will do what you want with expected results.

Dale, this is indeed the behavior I expected.  As a user interface designer
I find it highly amusing that "From Contains xyz" can have one set of
semantics for Search, and yet the exact same phrase can have an entirely
different meaning for Advanced Search.  However, as a user, this is exactly
the kind of thing that drives me nuts about En'rage.

Is there any way to make the Advanced search the default behavior?  Although
this probably would not work as the Search function is really applying a
filter, whereas Advanced Search is a true search and not a filter.  (So you
wouldn't see anything upon opening a mailbox.  I even tried the hack of
searching for a <space>, which every email will have, but this is not a
valid search string and returns nothing.)


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