I am not sure how you tried Time Machine, but here is what you need to do. First select the Microsoft User Data folder (I am assuming that you want to restore the entire folder). While this folder is highlighted in finder, click on the Time Machine in the dock. Now you will get a slider on the right hand side with ticks that represent backups. Now click on one of the ticks that is appropriate (i.e., represent a backup before you started to have problems). Time machine will bring that window to the front. Now, if you click on the "Restore" button on the lower-left of the screen, it will restore your file (it will ask if you want to replace the current one, which, I assume you wish to say "yes").

Perhaps you did all of this (in which case my apologies for repeating it), but it wasn't clear from your description.


On Mon 9-Mar-09, at 10:40 PM, mike sanders wrote:

My problem is now that I seem to have opened an old version of Entourage from about six months ago all my recent work has gone how do I get back
the version I was using yesterday. I have tried Time Machine but what a
it does absolutely nothing I asumed I could pick a date and go back to
but nada.
Please help
Michael Sanders
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