Well, it may be that (unless he's using POP) he may be able to just close the old version and open Entourage 2008. The new data would be in the new database, while he was seeing the old data from the unconverted database with 2004. If he did POP some new mail with the old client, he'll need to save out those messages and import them into 2008.

Or am I missing something?

On Mar 10, 2009, at 8:18 PM, Diane Ross wrote:

On 3/9/09 7:40 PM, "mike sanders" <mike...@mac.com> wrote:

My problem is now that I seem to have opened an old version of Entourage from about six months ago all my recent work has gone how do I get back to
the version I was using yesterday.

You'll need to move or rename your current Identity (named Main by default) so you don't overwrite and loose your current Identity. Sounds like you
overwrote your last current Identity.

To revert to the recent version, you will need to get the latest backup BEFORE you imported and started backing up Entourage with the older version.

It's advised by the developers not to let Time Machine backup your Entourage Database on the hourly basis. If the database is copied while being used, the backup could be corrupt. You can set the Time Machine to exclude the Microsoft User Data folder and create an iCal event to copy it over at night
while not in use so you get one backup daily in Time Machine.

Alternative method to use Entourage and Time Machine (does a once a day or
whatever time period you select)



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