I am not able to get Entourage to remember window positions very well.  I
have a large monitor, and keep my Inbox open on the right side of the
screen.  When I open a new email, it pops up clear across the screen on the
left side, under the menu bar.  If I drag the window back to where I want
it, pretty much smack dab in the middle of my screen, that works for a
while.  New emails occupy the same piece of screen real estate.

But if I close the window, or if Entourage closes the window, the default is
to pop the next one back up into the default position waaaay back over on
the left.  I think I am developing a case of whiplash.

Is there some way to tell Entourage to remember the window positions that I
prefer, rather than the ones it likes to use?  For example, in Eudora there
was a Œwindow offset setting¹ for new windows that let you set the default
window location on your screen.  Plus it just plain remembered what the last
value was better, so if you opened a window of type X in some place, by god
it would keep opening windows in that location until you told it otherwise.

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