On 3/17/09 8:27 AM, "Bob Virzi" <bob.vi...@verizon.com> wrote:

> I am not able to get Entourage to remember window positions very well.  I have
> a large monitor, and keep my Inbox open on the right side of the screen.  When
> I open a new email, it pops up clear across the screen on the left side, under
> the menu bar.  If I drag the window back to where I want it, pretty much smack
> dab in the middle of my screen, that works for a while.  New emails occupy the
> same piece of screen real estate.
I'm not trying to be smart, but don't open an email in it's own window to
read. Use the preview pane on the right or below. Now all emails will be
exactly in the same place.


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