3/17/09 6:16 PM Diane Ross dianer...@mvps.org

> On 3/17/09 3:05 PM, "Quoddy" <quo...@optonline.net> wrote:
>> I find that there are entries [email addresses] in my address book that I
>> didn't put in & they show up only if I write a new email.   I have to be
>> very careful to avoid using them. I haven't found a way to delete them.
> Let's be sure we are talking about the Entourage Address Book and not the
> Most Recently Used list. Only addresses you add to the Entourage Address
> Book will be listed.
> The "Most Recently Used" (MRU) is often misunderstood. These entries are
> harmless. They never show up in your Address Book, only in the AutoComplete
> list. Also, Entourage automatically selects the address you will most likely
> want to send to based on the text you've already typed.

YES--it's the MRU & I never knew it existed.  I put addresses in email first
before adding the message.
> Any message marked as Junk (either by you or the Junk Mail Filter) will not
> be added to the MRU list. How to clear:
> <http://www.entourage.mvps.org/glossary/mru.html>
> BTW, do you have the little mini Address Book selected in the address pane?
NO--I don't know how to do it.
> I keep mine toggled off.

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