> I am not able to get Entourage to remember window positions very well.....
> I open a new email, it pops up clear across the screen on the left side,
> under the menu bar......

What I find even more frustrating is that Entourage doesn't remember your
preferred *display*.

I have a two-display setup, and I keep the main Entourage window on the main
(left) display. I keep Entourage's Progress window on the second (right)
display. I do all my Entourage work -- reading and composing messages -- on
the main display.

When I open a new message window, Entourage insists on opening that window
on the display with the active ("frontmost") window, rather than my
"preferred" display. The problem with this is that whenever you Send &
Receive, the Progress window becomes the active window. So unless I remember
to *manually* make the main Entourage window active, opening a new message
opens that message in a tiny window on my secondary display.

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