On 3/18/09 7:03 PM, "Dan Frakes" <danfra...@mac.com> wrote:

> I generally close the main window (leaving the Progress window open on the
> secondary display).

Why not hide Entourage instead of close? I use the shortcut
command-option-click on dock icon when switching applications.

I did try repeating your steps and the new message window still opens on the
main monitor.

What I did..

Move Progress window to secondary monitor.
Clicked on red close button
Select my browser then selected Entourage
Command-n for new message

It opened in the main monitor.

You didn't mention...are you using spaces? Seems I remember the blank
message window from the beta and it had to do with spaces.

> ...especially when tired ;-)

I've done some doozies myself when tired.

Hope this helps! 


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