On 3/18/09 9:28 PM, "Dan Frakes" <danfra...@mac.com> wrote:

> I want to be able to see the Progress window at all times. So I close the
> main window but leave the Progress window open.
I use custom sounds to alert me for mail when Entourage is hidden. I have 5
rules that play or say a sound for specific mail (by category).

>> Move Progress window to secondary monitor.
>> Clicked on red close button
> You closed the Progress window?

No, I left the Progress window open.

> Try this:
> Move Progress window to secondary display; keep main window on main display.
> Close main window (so that only the Progress window is open, on the
> secondary display)
> Open Safari and choose File: Mail Link To This Page.
> For me, this causes the new message to open on the secondary display.

Now that I can reproduce.

I use the insert URL scripts instead of using Mail Link To This Page. Have
you ever tried those?



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