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On 3/20/09 8:12 AM, Janice F. Jorgensen wrote:

Haven't set up rule but i am getting this spam All the time.

It appears that there's one for every message that's posted. Yesterday, Jud reported that he'd unsubbed that account, but that it had resubbed itself.
He said he's working on it.

I can't read the language, so I don't *know* that it's spam -- it might be
an Out Of Office reply?


It's not Spam as such, it is an autoresponder from a Romanian bank telling the sender of an email that they will be back in touch as soon as possible and that they should never give away passwords, pin number or account details to anyone who phones or SMS texts them.

The list does use a 'Challenge/Response' system to approve new subscriptions, but what I suspect is happening here is that the challenge is replied to by the autoresponder, which the list server takes to be a valid confirmation message and the address is re- subscribed. LetterRip (the list server software) should have the capability to blacklist a certain address - I'm a little surprised Jud hasn't implemented that yet. I'm hopeful it will happen soon!

Regarding the effectiveness of rules to delete these messages, if you have a MLM entry set up to handle list messages, you have to select the option in the MLM entry to allow further rules to process the messages as well - otherwise the rule processing will be terminated after the MLM rule runs and the message will never be seen by your anti-spam rule.

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