On 3/20/09 8:24 AM, "Dan Frakes" <danfra...@mac.com> wrote:

> We all work differently ;-)

That's understood. We're Mac users.

>I prefer to actually see the progress window.

We knew you were special, but that's OK. ; )   (I'm running now...very

> Unfortunately, these scripts work only for inserting URLs from a browser;
> they don't fix the issue when clicking an e-mail link in any other app, or
> when sending a link from, say, a newsreader. Hopefully the bug will be
> fixed...

I'll be sure the bug is submitted. Second monitor problems often get
overlooked because there are not enough testers using dual monitors. Then
the setups are different as well so problems like this can be easily
overlooked. In the end, the answer might be 'bug by design'.

I just recently got a second monitor and never realized how useful they are.
I would love to have a third one at times.


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