As previously agreed on epel-devel and by the EPEL Steering Committee,
I have pushed the Mono 4.2 packages and packages depending on it to
epel-testing on EL7.

These updates will sit in epel-testing for a significant period of
time to allow adequate notice and time for testing.
I hope to push them to stable at around the time when CentOS 7.3 is released.

The old Mono 2.10 packages have been totally outdated, and I wonder if
they still have been used at all. If you still have your own software
running with Mono 2.x, and have problems rebuilding towards Mono 4,
let me know. We have been through that for quite a number of packages
for Fedora 23, and most issues can be solved...

Please do test thoroughly, give positive/negative karma, and open bug reports.

Thank you,
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