#34: EPEL SRPM naming clarification
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Comment (by aviso):

 To be clear we are talking about SRPM names. We have several that conflict
 and as far as I know no one is doing anything about it and it hasn't
 caused issues.

 In the thread, your comment said source packages with the same name would
 cause issues in Koji. This would only be an issue if A.) RHEL or CentOS
 used Fedora's build system, or B.) The SRPMs created packages with names
 that conflicted with RHEL or CentOS binary package names (already against
 the guidelines)

 Unless I am missing something, and please point me to documentation if
 that is the case, the only thing we are protecting against is a case where
 an end user has both the OS and EPEL source repos enabled and installs a
 SRPM by name. I would say that use case isn't enough to justify separating
 the packages in git.

 Frankly I don't care what the SRPM is called. The issue is the build
 system assumes the SRPM name, the Fedora package name, and the git repo
 name are the same. This is what prevents having a common git repo and
 spec. If you have a better solution, I'd be interested to hear it.

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