On 02/14/2018 08:36 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>>> I have gotten scl's for RH PPCLE and x86_64 downloaded to the Fedora
>>> Infrastructure batcave. I have not been able to get aarch64
>>> downloaded. I need help here on getting the cdn address correct.
>>> I need someone from releng (I guess it would be Peter?) to help us
>>> enable this in koji.
>>> After that dts should be ready for updates.
>> Any updates? :)
> Sorry, I took the action to sort out the aarch64 DTS and to close out
> the rest to get it enabled in koji. Had other deadlines in the last
> week or so that took priority, those are now done (as of about 90 mins
> ago) so I'll finish this up this afternoon and reply to this mail once
> complete.

ok, with many thanks to Peter and Smooge we finally have this enabled.

You should be able to use devtoolset now in specs.

Note that we have only approved devtoolset use currently, so please
don't use other SCLs at least yet. In tomorrow's meeting we should
discuss them.

IMHO, I would prefer to allow any scl that has no runtime dependency on
SCLs. ie, users can install and use it as they do now. If we ship things
that do have runtime dependencies on SCLs we need to make sure they can
install those (ie, how do they enable them in CentOS? In RHEL? what
error(s) would they get).


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