I am very afraid I am jumping into a lion's den here... However, I am going to 
try to alleviate some concerns.

Our move from EPEL to Extras was actually to solve for the needs of RHEL and 
the RHEL System Roles.  We needed to be in a channel that customers could 
consume from that wasn't EPEL. 

Upon our move to Extras, we immediately identified a problem.  That problem 
was, we Ansible, were not able to release as often as we preferred/needed for 
our customers.  We also were facing confusion about what did support mean once 
a package was inside of Extras.  

As such, we made the decision to two things. 

1. Deprecate Ansible from Extras.
2. Provide access to Ansible via a Red Hat trusted delivery mechanism. 

For #2, EPEL obviously is not the route to take for some customers.  So, we 
decided that all RHEL customers would have full access to the Subscription 
channel.  We also specified that if a customer wanted support, they would still 
need to purchase a subscription. 

We had a very delicate situation here.  There were a lot of check and balances 
that had to be met before we could make any announcement. So that's why it has 
been "a little quiet."

The security advisory link posted above, and this link 
<https://access.redhat.com/articles/3359651> attempt to cover the bulk of the 
possible questions that may arise. 

That being said, we still aim to provide our customers/users the ability to 
obtain Ansible any way they choose.  So if the user does not want to use the 
channel or cannot use it for any reason, they still have the ability to pull 
from EPEL or our releases.ansible.com pages. As far as we're concerned, it is 
functionally the same application no matter where it comes from.. If a customer 
has a subscription; they will be supported. 

I, the Product Manager of Ansible Engine, am staying on top of these concerns 
as they come by.  So far, no huge customer/user concerns have caused any alarm. 
 Most users have embraced the moves, and have continued to automate. 
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