The following Fedora EPEL 6 Security updates need testing:
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The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 6 updates-testing


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 mozilla-noscript- (FEDORA-EPEL-2018-c84cd419f5)
 JavaScript white list extension for Mozilla Firefox
Update Information:

# Notable changes:  ### WebExtension version:  * Prevention of potential race
condition in the new  per-tab configuration cookie-based hack * Better cross-
platfrom build script compatibility * Per-tab configuration cookie-based hack,
leaves alone * Fixed preset customization UI showing inherited
DEFAULT permissions if a protocol-level preset exists * Simplified CSP HTTP
header injection, avoiding report-to until actually supported by browsers *
[L10n] Updated ru (thanks fatboy) * [L10n] Updated (es, ru) and new (el, he, ms,
nb) locales from OTF's Localization Lab Transifex project * [L10n] no_BO
translation by comradekingu * FTP directory UI emulation on script-disabled
domains * Include ftp:// URLs in non-secure domain matching (thanks Rassilon for
RFE)  ### Classic version:  * Fixed automatic reload bug (thanks ThomasW and
barbaz for reporting)

* Fri Oct 26 2018 Dominik Mierzejewski <> -
- update to
- update classic version to 5.1.9
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