On 10. 03. 19 4:15, Troy Dawson wrote:
There are a few questions I have, and since I'm not positive who all
of the correct people ask are, I'm sending to the epel-devel list.

Before I start the questions, thank you to everyone who helped out in
getting the build failures working.  Thank you. thank you. thank you.

We have all the python packages rebuilt.  All of the packages needed
for the rebuilds are tagged into override, and thus in the buildroot.
None of these rebuilt packages have been put into updates, and thus
are not in -testing.

Where do we go from here?
A) Do I do one big update for all of the rebuilt packages?
B) Do I do individual updates for each package?
C) Some combination of above?
D) Do a side tag, and take out all the overrides?
I personally think C.  Do the main components (rpm macros, python34
and python36) in one update.  All the rest get their individual

To be sure, I think you have to do it all together (A).

Lets say there is a package that has following subpackage / file / shebang:

pytohn3X-foo: /usr/bin/foo : #!/usr/bin/python3
   + files in python3.X sitelib/sitearch

- if you push this before the interpreters, it breaks
- if you push the interpreters before this, it breaks

Theoretically, you should be able to write a clever automation that would give you some hint about packages that do this, but in practice, going with (A) is much easier.

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