On Sat, Mar 9, 2019 at 8:16 PM Kevin Fenzi <ke...@scrye.com> wrote:
> On 3/9/19 7:15 PM, Troy Dawson wrote:
> > Hello,
> > There are a few questions I have, and since I'm not positive who all
> > of the correct people ask are, I'm sending to the epel-devel list.
> >
> > Before I start the questions, thank you to everyone who helped out in
> > getting the build failures working.  Thank you. thank you. thank you.
> >
> > We have all the python packages rebuilt.  All of the packages needed
> > for the rebuilds are tagged into override, and thus in the buildroot.
> > None of these rebuilt packages have been put into updates, and thus
> > are not in -testing.
> >
> > Where do we go from here?
> > A) Do I do one big update for all of the rebuilt packages?
> Yes.
> > B) Do I do individual updates for each package?
> > C) Some combination of above?
> Bad idea, as then some dependent packages could go out stable without
> all the packages they need.
> > D) Do a side tag, and take out all the overrides?
> Nope... side tag won't push them out, unless we just merge them into the
> main tag, but then they are bypassing testing.
> > I personally think C.  Do the main components (rpm macros, python34
> > and python36) in one update.  All the rest get their individual
> > update.
> All the other ones are going to need at least python36, so no, they
> should all be in one big update. Otherwise some of them could go stable
> and not have the python36 yet.
> > How long do we expect to be in this testing stage?
> I'd say at least 2 weeks?
> > If packagers want to update their python package for whatever reason,
> > what should they do?
> Build as usual, but ask someone to edit the update and remove the
> previous one and add in the new one.
> Thanks for building and coordinating everything!
> kevin

Thanks for the feedback.  You too Miro.
After reading both of your reasons for doing A), I agree with you both.
Unless anyone objects, we'll plan to do option A

We only have one package left that fails it's rebuild, python-apsw.
I'm hoping someone can figure out the reason for the %checks failling. [1]
If we can get that fixed, I'll be all set to do the mass update later today.

If we are only going to have these builds in -testing for a couple of
weeks, how about we shoot for April 2.
I'll be unavailable from March 20-April 2.  That would give us 3 weeks.
Hopefully by then we would have announcements made letting people know
the change is coming.


[1] - https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=33397847
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