On 3/11/19 7:54 AM, Troy Dawson wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback.  You too Miro.
> After reading both of your reasons for doing A), I agree with you both.
> Unless anyone objects, we'll plan to do option A
> We only have one package left that fails it's rebuild, python-apsw.
> I'm hoping someone can figure out the reason for the %checks failling. [1]
> If we can get that fixed, I'll be all set to do the mass update later today.
> If we are only going to have these builds in -testing for a couple of
> weeks, how about we shoot for April 2.
> I'll be unavailable from March 20-April 2.  That would give us 3 weeks.
> Hopefully by then we would have announcements made letting people know
> the change is coming.

Sounds good to me.

As soon as the update exists and is pushed to testing we should mail
epel-announce and possibly fedora-devel announce about it and mention
that it will go stable in 3 weeks if nothing serious is found.

And perhaps some blog posts or the like also?


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