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On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 3:37 PM Stephen John Smoogen <smo...@gmail.com> wrote:

Over the last 5 days, Troy Dawson, Jeroen van Meeuwen, Carl W George,
and several helpers have gotten nearly all of the python34 packages
moves over to python36 in EPEL-7.  They are being included in 6 Bodhi
pushes because of a limitation in Bodhi for the text size of packages
in an include.

I was about to start a thread about this, so it saves me a fair amount of time.

I have been working on this today, so this is very fresh:


My complaint is that the current packages for
python34-{sphinx,docutils} don't seem to have provides with a
"python3-" prefix. So while I can live with that fact, I'm not happy
with the prospect of having to break the continuity soon and have to
move my BuildRequires to a python36- prefix.

That's a reasonable suggestion. I would suggest you file an RFE request again python-rpm-macros in EPEL to have the %python_provide macro produce a Provides: python3-%{name} for the "active" python3 version.

One more thing about those two specific packages, they also don't
provide binaries suffixed with "-3" so that means having to change
packaging again so that configures picks up rst2man-3.6 instead of
rst2man-3.4 and that's not a comfortable place to be in downstream.

The python3{4,6}-sphinx packages do provide /usr/bin/sphinx-build-3, etc. In fact one reason why you currently cannot install both.

As for docutils, file a bug against python3-docutils in EPEL and we'll get that fixed up.

The current day for these package groups to move into EPEL regular is
April 2nd. We would like to have all tests we find in the next week or
so also added so that the updates can occur in a large group without
too much breakage.


I'm a bit confused because it seems the update above contains both
builds for the packages I'm interested in, and seems to keep building
the 3.4 variant of the package in addition to the new 3.6 builds.

That means I should not worry about having to move away from today's
work, right?

Most EPEL python3 package will build for both python3 versions. We are not (yet) dropping python34. It's just that the default /usr/bin/python3 is switching to python 3.6, and packages that only build for one python3 version are now shipping for 3.6.

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