The Fedora fuse package currently builds rpms called fuse/fuse-libs and
fuse3/fuse3-libs, the former for fuse-2 versions and the latter for
fuse-3.  The community I support has a need for fuse3/fuse3-libs on
EPEL, so I would like to backport them from Fedora to EPEL.  Does anyone
have an objection to this?  I plan to make a pagure issue on it for
EPSCO review.

The need for this is to take advantage of a feature beginning in
libfuse-3.3.0 that enables pre-mounting fuse filesystems.
We want to add an option to singularity to pre-mount fuse and then run
the fuse filesystem code inside of el6 & el7 containers, in particular
the CernVM FileSystem which is based on fuse.

The package maintainer is cooperating with me on this
Since RHEL already includes fuse/fuse-libs rpms, my intention is to
update the .spec file so those will not build on el6 & 7, leaving only
fuse3/fuse3-libs.  On the other hand, I'm not sure rpmbuild will be
happy with having a fuse.spec that does not generate a fuse rpm, I will
try it.  I guess the alternative would be to split fuse3 out into a
separate pagure/bodhi/koji package but it would be good to avoid that.

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