Fedora EPEL Update Notification
2018-03-13 17:06:05.103122

Name        : js-jsroot
Product     : Fedora EPEL 7
Version     : 5.4.0
Release     : 1.el7
URL         : https://jsroot.gsi.de/
Summary     : JavaScript ROOT - Interactive numerical data analysis graphics
Description :
JavaScript ROOT provides interactive ROOT-like graphics in web browsers.
Data can be read and displayed from binary and JSON ROOT files.

Update Information:

## Changes in 5.4.0  New supported classes:     - TDiamond    - TArc    -
TCurlyLine    - TCurlyArc    - TCrown  New draw options:     - "RX" and "RY" for
TGraph to reverse axis    - "noopt" for TGraph to disable drawing optimization
- "CPN" for TCanvas to create color palette from N last colors    - "line" for
TGraph2D  New features:     - support LZ4 compression    - tooltips and zooming
in TGraphPolar drawings    - TPavesText with multiple underlying paves    -
implement all fill styles    - draw borders for TWbox    - draw all objects from
TList/TObjArray as they appear in list of primitives    - let enable/disable
highlight of extra objects in geometry viewer    - draw axis labels on both
sides when pad.fTick[x/y] > 1    - make drawing of TCanvas with many primitives
smoother    - add fOptTitle, fOptLogx/y/z fields in JSROOT.gStyle  Behavior
changes:     - disable automatic frame adjustment, can be enabled with
"&adjframe" parameter in URL    - when drawing TH2/TH3 scatter plots, always
generate same "random" pattern    - use barwidth/baroffset parameters in lego
plots  Bug fixes:     - use same number of points to draw lines and markers on
the TGraph    - correctly draw filled TArrow endings    - let combine "L" or "C"
TGraph draw option with others    - correct positioning of custom axis labels
- correctly toggle lin/log axes in lego plot    - let correctly change marker
attributes interactively

This update can be installed with the "yum" update programs.  Use
su -c 'yum update js-jsroot' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "YUM", available at

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