Hey, all:
I was wondering- is there any good way to use a web page as my root
window in GNOME, replacing nautilus? I spend a lot of time these days
in my Tracks installation[1], and it seems to make more sense to me to
have a task-oriented primary desktop view than a file-oriented
desktop. But I realize I have no idea how to do that :) Is this
something I could do through epiphany, or alternatively with gtkwebkit
+ some sort of wrapper? If the latter, pointers (either to resources,
or to the best place to continue this discussion) would be

Luis (realizing this sounds like Active Desktop and win98 all over
again, but really, it makes sense this time, maybe ;)

[1] http://tieguy.org/blog/2008/03/30/tracks-15-released/
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