I am using Web 3.18.11 on Lubuntu 16.04. It seems to be a highly usable 
alternative to Firefox or Chromium and loads and renders pages very quickly and 
reliably on my old, low powered netbook.

My question concerns Web bookmarks access. Most web browsers offer a bookmark 
shortcut; a toolbar link or a keyboard shortcut. With my present configuration, 
neither seems to be available.  I didn't notice any bookmark references in 
Web's documentation.  I understand that, as a Gnome app, Web is designed to 
integrate into the Gnome desktop. Is the lack of such a link due to the LXDE 
configuration of Lubuntu?

While not a deal breaker the bookmark shortcut would definitely be nice to 
have. Any solutions or workarounds regarding this would be appreciated.


Stan Dobbs
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