Equinox does not have a way to run with ConditionalPermissionAdmin but
without PermissionAdmin.  But you can get equivalent behavior by setting
the default permissions in PermissionAdmin to an empty array (i.e.
permAdmin.setDefaultPermissions(new PermissionInfo[0])).  If you don't do
this then the "default default" permissions for permission admin is

This will allow you to control all the permissions with
ConditionalPermissionAdmin and the permission checks will not fall back to
the default permissions in PermissionAdmin.


  From:       Marcel Offermans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>           
  To:         Equinox development mailing list <equinox-dev@eclipse.org>
  Date:       02/07/2008 06:20 AM                                      
  Subject:    [equinox-dev] Support for launching with just (Conditional) 
Permission Admin?

The OSGi security model started out with the Permission Admin service.
Lateron, the Conditional Permission Admin was added. Frameworks are
allowed to publish:
  - none of these services (the default, no security is active);
  - just Permission Admin (the "older" model);
  - just Conditional Permission Admin (encouraged, the "new way" to do
  - both Permission Admin and Conditional Permission Admin (most
compatible option, with some special restrictions).

My question: I can run both without and with both services published,
but does equinox also allow me to run with just PermissionAdmin or
ConditionalPermissionAdmin? If so, how?

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