A couple of things to check:

1) Does your bundle work when run from your workspace?
2) When you build the bundle can you confirm the lib/TestParser.jar is
actually included in your bundle content?
3) Does your bundle manifest file end in an empty line after the
Bundle-ClassPath header?

If yes to the above questions then I recommend you create a testcase and
open a bug for us to investigate.  Thanks.


  From:       "Srijith Kochunni" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                 
  To:         <equinox-dev@eclipse.org>                                
  Date:       02/25/2008 06:08 AM                                      
  Subject:    [equinox-dev] Adding 3rd party jar to Bundle.            

Hi All,

          I am trying to add a 3rd party jar to my bundle. I put it in a
lib/ folder and update the manifest file and build properties file as


Manifest-Version: 1.0
Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2
Bundle-Name: Xparse Plug-in
Bundle-SymbolicName: xparse
Bundle-Version: 1.0.0
Import-Package: org.osgi.framework;version="1.4.0",
Bundle-Activator: org.osgi.util.xml.XMLParserActivator
Bundle-ClassPath: ., lib/TestParser.jar

my build.properties file is as follows

source.. = src/
output.. = bin/
bin.includes = META-INF/,\

When I start my bundle I keep getting a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
when I refer the class within the jar. However if I were to specify the
absolute path of the jar file in Bundle-Classpath I get no error, and the
bundle starts properly.

I`ve searched for any articles regarding this. I found this bug
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=108781 It contains example
code and can`t spot any difference..

Is there something i am missing. ? Or has there been any change regarding
this..? Any help would be greatly appreciated.?

P.S: Please find attached the entire stack trace.


(See attached file: StackTrace.txt)
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