The short answer is no and we have no plans to implement it in the current
3.4 release.  But there is a bug open

We could consider implementing it in a future release.  The struggle we
have had with this feature in OSGi is to implement true boot classpath
extensions we need to know about the extensions before the VM is even
launched.  This could be done by modifying the eclipse.ini but the problem
with this is that eclipse.ini is not managed by the framework.  In 3.4 p2
can now manage this file.  One possibility would be to have p2 manage the
eclipse.ini to add the proper boot classpath arguments with the
bootclasspath extension content.  I don't really like this solution either
because it involves a dance between p2 and the framework in order to make
bootclasspath fragments really work.  In other words they will not work in
a framework that does not have p2 managing it.


  From:       "Alin Dreghiciu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                              
  Date:       03/18/2008 08:10 AM                                               
  Subject:    [equinox-dev] Re: Does equinox support extension:=bootclasspath   

And related: If the answer is "no", is there a plan to supported in the

Thanx again,

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 9:04 PM, Alin Dreghiciu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi guys,
>  Does equinox support extension:=bootclasspath? I cannot find a clear
>  reference about the subject, only some mail archive back from 2006.
>  As I see the property "org.osgi.supports.bootclasspath.extension" is
>  not set (in 3.3.1), so it defaults to false = it does not support.
>  Thanx,
>  Alin Dreghiciu
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