A committer election for Andrey Loskutov on project Eclipse Equinox
(eclipse.equinox) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this criteria:

Andrey is well known in the community delivering high quality patches to many
projects and one of the most active developer for Eclipse TLP and Platform
specifically. The list of fixes to the various Equinox components is big
enough to justify him becoming a committer:
538191  NPE in SubMonitor.cleanupActiveChild
538168  Can't enable tracing for org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core
534759  [GTK3] Running Eclipse with -nosplash causes input problems
519547  Cleanup org.eclipse.equinox.registry
515588  [registry] Add meaningful toString() to ConfigurationElementHandle
515587  [registry] Add getHandleId() to IConfigurationElement
514530  CCE: UpdateSiteArtifactRepository cannot be cast to
514333  Preferences store access can lead to unattended workspace location
511841  [registry] AdapterManager.getAdapter can return wrong type
508593  NPE in AutomaticUpdater.sameProfile
507115  NPE in ResolverImpl.unresolveBundle after importing plugins into
507092  Eclipse fails to start: "An internal error occurred during:
"Initializing workspace."
484014  NPE in Extension.getExtensionPointIdentifier breaks the entire Java
470699  Move org.eclipse.equinox.preferences to JavaSE-1.7
468787  SafeFileOutputStream is sensitive for platform specific
file.renameTo() implementation
468204  [console] equinox console needs org.apache.felix.gogo.shell but this
requirement is not explicitly stated
432673  SWT GTK3 doesn't render tables with GTK3 Theme "oxygen-gtk"

Combined with his interest into patch reviews and being constantly monitoring
our builds health and etc. he would be really valuable addition to the team.

Eclipse Equinox project committers can click the election link below to vote.


Project: https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/eclipse.equinox

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