Hi All,
Please note: Eclipse daily I-builds will be produced over the Holiday 
season, but build failures will only be addressed on best-effort.

Also, complete schedule for Milestone week(which I missed to call out in 
my first email):
Monday: Last day of development (and even then, no "big changes"). After 
Monday 20:00 ET, no feature work or unrelated fixes are allowed -- only 
regression fixes.
Tuesday: All-day test pass. Nobody should develop or fix anything. 
Literally spend the entire day testing.

Wednesday: Fix day with a focus on fixing regressions found during the 
test day (Tuesday). No unrelated fixes. Review and thoroughly test all 
        The "New and Noteworthy" entries are due on Wednesday evening:
         Git repo: 
        The rolling N&N content for 4.11:  

Niraj Modi

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Date:   12/21/2018 02:36 PM
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Hi All,
Holiday season ahead, just to give a heads up for 4.11 M1 scheduled for 
Jan 11, 2019.

Here is the schedule:
Jan 9, 2019, 6pm EST [Wednesday]
4.11 M1 build

Jan 10, 2019 [Thursday]
Bug verification and Sign-off 4.11 M1

Jan 11, 2019 [Friday]
4.11 M1 Promotion and contribution to SimRel

Niraj Modi
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