Timothée Floure <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         Depends On|                            |1613639, 1613640, 1613641,
                   |                            |1613642, 1613643, 1615005,
                   |                            |1613654, 1613734
           Assignee|          |

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 1613639] Review Request: erlang-ssl_verify_fun - Collection of ssl
verification functions for Erlang
[Bug 1613640] Review Request: erlang-eunit_formatters - Provides better
output format for eunit test suites
[Bug 1613641] Review Request: erlang-cth_readable - Common test hooks for
more readable erlang logs
[Bug 1613642] Review Request: erlang-cf - Terminal color helper
[Bug 1613643] Review Request: erlang-providers - An Erlang providers
[Bug 1613654] Review Request: erlang-bbmustache - Binary pattern match
based Mustache template engine for erlang
[Bug 1613734] Review Request: erlang-erlware_commons - Extension to
Erlang's standard library
[Bug 1615005] Review Request: erlang-relx - Release assembler for
Erlang/OTP Releases
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