And still one question about `function decorators` . They will be work if in 
function parameters uses destructuring?
@rttc(PrimitiveNumber, PrimitiveString, PrimitiveBoolean)
function a (b, { c, d }) {} 


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>On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 4:50 PM, Aleksander Efremov <> wrote:
>> In my first example you can found what I mean.
>Yes, I looked at your first example (and every other example in the thread) 
>before replying. As it had nothing to do with `fetch`, but you specifically 
>mentioned `fetch` in your message, I assumed you were asking something about 
>`fetch`. If you were talking about the `const` in `const c: PrimitiveNumber = 
>sum(1, 2);`, why say "`fetch`"?
>-- T.J. Crowder
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