You're seriously underestimating how smart IDEs are or can be.

Some IDEs are already suggesting the entire import statement when a symbol
is used, based on what's in other modules, package.json, etc.
There's no reason why an IDE can't auto-suggest the import name based on
undefined symbols in the file, among other things.
There's also no compelling reason why you can't type `import {} from
"module";`, then go back and fill in the symbol name inside the `{}`.
You could use a snippet manager to make this semi-painless, defining the
snippet as something like `import {$2} from "$1";`.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 8:48 AM, Vladimir Vapirov <> wrote:

> I had the same idea coming from Python to JS. Current import syntax
> doesn’t allow IDE’s to hint which functions/modules are available for
> import.
> Please see my proposal and let me know your thoughts
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