Let me compound on that: Kotlin has a `!in` for "not in collection" and
`!is` for "not an instance of". I've been using that language quite a bit
lately out of necessity (better than Java, and all the other alternatives
suck in some way), and those two operators just feel *wrong* to type. It's
to the point I'm sometimes coding my way *out* of writing them. (No other
feature uses this symbol except for literal logical negation.)

Oh, and as I mentioned before, `key in object` checks the prototype chain,
which in my experience is not the thing you usually want to do.

So I agree this is a Really Bad Idea™, for this above if not the Kotlin

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>> and, as previously mentioned, `!obj.x` might have side effects through
>> the accessor, as example in every lazily defined property that would be
>> early defined (or anything else behind a getter that could do more than
>> just telling the property is there and it's not truthy).
> Peanut gallery observation: I personally think !in is a Really Bad Idea,
> or at least I'm not convinced that it's particularly useful.  If it is
> useful, then let one of the transpiling languages like CoffeeScript or
> TypeScript demonstrate it first.
> Also, there's the little matter of pronunciation.  I admit to a bit of
> snarkiness when I first saw this proposal, but I didn't expect it to have
> any traction.  So I'll just say it:  do we really want JavaScript to be a
> "bangin' " language?
> Alex
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