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> No? We've been discussing the viability of a new Object.extend() method
> to be introduced in ES3.1. Mozilla has offered a proposal and is
> looking to implement it in SpiderMonkey. I provided examples of
> Object.extend-like functionality in the wild and coupled it with a
> sample pure-JavaScript implementation and some test cases.

Just to be clear, I haven't seen your proposal and this is the first time I've 
seen explicit mention that you were actually going to make a proposal for the 
addition of Object.extend to 3.1.  I thought that we were generally discussing 
how Object.extent related to the Object meta functions that are already in the 
3.1 draft. Now, it may just be that I somehow missed the proposal when it came 
by, or that the intent was implicit in some of your or Brendan's posts.  Either 
way, it just wasn't obvious.  Regardless, certainly feel free to make the 
proposal.  Ideally, for inclusion in the 3.1 spec. it should follow the 3.1 
specification methodology.


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