My work's computer facilities have only just been set up, and the sysadmin has 
decided to go for an easybuild module system, which means that to start R, I 
need to type "module load R" to get the environment set correctly - unless I do 
that, R doesn't appear to be installed.  Unfortunately that messes up emacs' 
paths, so I'm forced to invoke emacs, then start a 'M-X shell', type in the 
"module load R", and finally point ess-remote at my shell buffer.

I know I should get the sysadmin to make this smoother, and he's working on it, 
but in case it never happens, is there a better work-flow anyone can think of 
(I tried setting a bash alias to R that - or at least a way of preventing ESS 
from grumbling that no R is found when I open a .R file  (I installed ESS via 
the MELPA package, which also may be not be ideal, as there's some magic 
happening with package-initialize that's trigger R when I open .R files).

Thanks -Gavin

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