Maybe we can test for existence of the package and re-direct to standard
evaluation if it does not exist? I would imagine this error is quite confusing
for someone who doesn't know what's going on.

There is another, related, but nastier error that occurs when objects are
assigned into .GlobalEnv but are shadowed by some of the objects in imported


>> On Mon, Dec 19 2016 08:31, Lionel Henry wrote:

> It looks like you're working in a directory recognised as a package
> named 'test', and that test package is not installed. Use C-c C-t C-s
> to disable namespaced evaluation, or install the package with C-c C-w C-i.

> Lionel

>> On 18 déc. 2016, at 21:50, Christian <> wrote:
>> Recently ESS looks like having chade its behaviour:
>> Working in R, when doing C-c C-f to evaluate a function now gives:
>> Error in library(package, character.only = TRUE) :
>>  there is no package called 'test'
>> and the minibuffer says (test) Eval function.
>> Formely there was no error and the function was evaluated.
>> How can I get teh original C-c C-f back?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Christian
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