[Note to ESS Core: would you please kindly update the links in the Download 
section of ess.r-project.org]

As many of you know, Emacs Modified for macOS and for Windows are distributions 
of GNU Emacs bundled with a few select packages for LaTeX users and R 
developers, most notably AUCTeX and ESS.

Please be advised that I just completed moving the projects to GitHub. You may 
now get the distributions at the following addresses: 

Emacs Modified for macOS:       https://vigou3.github.io/emacs-modified-macos/
Emacs Modified for Windows:     https://vigou3.github.io/emacs-modified-windows/

Otherwise, the release of AUCTeX 11.90 yesterday triggered a new release of the 
distributions. They now include AUCTeX 11.90 and org 9.0.3, as far as main 
components are concerned.


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