Dear all,

This is my first message ever and I really don't know where is my error.

I am on a Windows server.

I am trying to use Stata with Emacs,
I added Stata15 to the environment path, I added it to the exec-path,
I also set the inferior-STA-program-name:
(setq-default inferior-STA-program-name "StataMP-64")

When I run M-x stata-mode and then when I try to run a stata command, it
opens the Stata application but it does not evaluate it in Emacs (nor in
the openned Stata application). In Emacs, everything is frozen until I
escape (C-g)
What should I do to have my line evaluated in Stata?

I did the same for R. It worked wery well!

Thank you very much,


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