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> I've been racking my brain and googling for last 48 hours but have been
> unable to figure this out.
> RStudio has very nice auto-complete features baked in, but I can't seem to
> get it working with ESS.
> I am using emacs latest on Windows 10 x64, R3.4.3, installing ESS from
> MELPA and installing company-mode from MELPA
> For controlled experimentation my init.el file is pretty bare bones (see
> below).
> I open up a new R buffer and ess mode seems to initialize properly.  I type
> M-x company-mode to enable company mode, but I get no autocomplete of any
> kind.  Company-mode is working properly on elisp files.  Wondering if
> anybody has a working example of ESS autocomplete working on Windows and
> can tell me how to get it functioning properly.

You have to have an inferior R session open, if memory serves. Have you
tried starting one (with, e.g. C-c C-z)?

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