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|> > On 3 mai 2018, at 10:54, Patrick Connolly
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|> > What could be the thinking behind that?
|> This function is strictly less useful than the alternatives mentioned by
|> Alex (yasnippet is an excellent package). You can copy the old definition
|> in your configuration file if you'd like to continue using it.

Which configuration file are you referring to?  Not the
function-outline.S in etc/ because it's already there.  Something in
the lisp/ directory?  Anything that contains reference to
function-outline seems to be the same.  I'm pretty ignorant of how the
idea of .el and .elc files in lisp works.  I just use emacs to write R

 The yasnippet package would take me ages to get my head around, and I
 don't have use for most of what it seems to do.


That's the same as what's in my lisp/old directory.  What am I to
learn from that?


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