Thanks Rodney,

Sysadmins did the installation, which is when I presume everything was byte-compiled.

At any rate, setting ess-etc-directory did not result in ESS loading.  I still get the message "Error: Cannot open load file: No such file or directory, ess.rd.el".  Yet, ess.rd.el is present. Naively, it looks to me as if (add-to-list 'load-path "/apps/x86_64/emacs/ess-18.10.2/") is not being executed.

On 3/17/21 11:36 AM, Sparapani, Rodney via ESS-help wrote:
Hi Steve:

Well, maybe you didn’t see my earlier post.  But, you
should not need to byte-compile ESS to make it work.
This error has to do with the anticipated directory
structure that is being violated: “ERROR:ess-etc-directory”
You can probably work-around that by something like…
(setq ess-etc-directory “FILL THIS IN ACCORDINGLY”)
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