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> tl;dr: I enabled an action 'on save' and I no longer find where :-/
> Longer story: I settled upon GNU global and ggtags at some point for a
> (mostly multilingual) system of tags in R and C++ (and some more). So a few
> of source directories have these (ugly names) files GPATH, GTAGS, GRTAGS.
> And at one point I became too clever by half and somehow enabled updating of
> these files for at least some repos. But I no longer remember _how_ I did
> that and can, for the life of me, find any trace in my .emacs (and, older
> story, .elisp/*el) file(s). It is definitely active in ~/git/rcpp and
> ~/git/tiledb-r -- which maybe the two repos in work in the most.
> This list has been very kind helpful in the past when I puzzled myself with
> this one true editor.  I suspect I used an ESS hook somewhere.  How would I
> find or debug this?
> The net effect seems to be that as soon I save (C-x s) the files GTAGS and
> GRTAGS get updated.  Which I otherwise do via a one-line script setting the
> proper options (as GNU global at some point in the past needed a patch, I
> think that is no longer needed)
> gtags --gtagsconf=/home/edd/.globalrc --gtagslabel=pygments --verbose 
> --statistics "$@"
> I have been half-amused by this for a few weeks but I am approaching "white
> flag" territory here on my own workstation: how do I find out how I enabled
> this?  I looked into git commit hooks (nope), GNU global config (nope), and,
> by looking more closely at the timestamps, have to suspect that is from
> Emacs.  But nothing in the Emacs config gives it away. I have a vague memory
> that it went via one of the XDG standard directories
> (~/.config/share/SOMETHING ?) but no mas.  
> Dirk, only moderately amuzed by now

wild guess:  file/dir local variable?


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